LPL is a metal carpentry operatesin an area of 4500 mq and is specialized in building Metal components and structures for over 40 years of experience and constantlydevelopement.

Our headquarters is located in a favourite position, very close to A4 highway, about 200mt from Palazzolo Sull’Oglio tollbooth.

Experience and constant evolution are necessary for any kind of realization, from a simple metal item to a complicated medium-light mechanical assembly

Our and our costumer’s philosophy is based on “lean production” thanks witch during the years we revise and significantly improve the organizational structure and the phases management.

Thank to this, we can face in a controlled manner and conscious different types of supply, for example management of complete kits and Kanban supply

We employ recently acquired machinery of the latest generationto exploit advance the technology and to minimize the environmental impact.

Our technical and operative staff, in a continued collaboration,manage and coordinates all the workflows from the order and its development, to prototyping, industrialization and production of the finished product

Management and production progress is monitored through an integration between our main software (CAD,CAM e ERP).

We are consistently supported by a large stock of raw materials fromselected international suppliers(FE360, DOMEX 400, AISI 304/316/430, PERALUMAN300) weekly restored according to the programmed needs to cope with urgent orders and unforeseen.

The most important factor for the choice of recycling is the value of the material: highter is the value, highter is the interest of the recovered material.
Today about 50% of  european industrial export in iron and steel fields, is made by recovered material (47% around the world) and about 96% of the production is recycled.

Industries envolved in recycling of ferrous and non, are the most widespread because of the characteristics of the secondary products: these are in fact have the same price of the primary ones, with the same purity.

The industriesthat recycle ferrous materials are the most traditional and well-stabilized recycling activities, in Europe as in the rest of the world. This is due to the good separability, recyclability and the high economic value of waste ferrous metals.

The recycling offerrous materials has two important benefits:
- Saving of around 70% in energy compared to the primary production of iron;
- Saving water, iron ore and coal;


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